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Mobile app B2B ecommerce for restaurnts
Mobile B2B for restaurants

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  • Connect your existing suppliers Seamlessly integrate all your current suppliers into one app for efficient ordering.
  • Discover new suppliers Explore and connect with top-rated suppliers to expand your sourcing options and enhance your business.
  • Easy ordering and reordering Simplify your procurement process with user-friendly ordering and quick reordering capabilities at your fingertips.

The only ordering app you need to order from all your suppliers

  • Straightforward invoicing and payment. Streamline your finances with our straightforward invoicing and secure payment system.
  • Keep track of your orders. Stay updated with real-time tracking of your orders to ensure you always know the status of your deliveries.
  • Buying insights. Gain valuable insights from detailed analytics and reports to make informed buying decisions and optimize your purchasing strategy.
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