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Deestr is designed to eliminate the mess in B2B ordering for distributors, manufacturers and their B2B customers.

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Mobile app B2B ecommerce for distributors and manufacturers
Experience challenges in Mobile B2B?

Are You Experiencing the Following Challenges?

  • Orders through multiple channels? Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, phone calls, emails, photos, voice messages?
  • Too much time spent on clarifying order positions and filling them into your system.
  • Orders delivered to the customers with delays and mistakes.
  • As a result, you have disappointed customers and high costs.

Eliminate this Mess with the B2B Online Ordering Platform

Stay in touch with your customers with automated workflows and notifications.

  • The B2B wholesale app enables distributor’s customers to browse catalogs, make orders, receive status updates, look through the history of their orders, and chat with sales representatives.
  • The B2B ordering App includes AI ordering assistance picking required products for the next order and providing personalized product upsells.
  • B2B online ordering system contains everything in a convenient form - on the buyer's mobile device.
Download Deestr

Streamline ordering and exceed your customers’ expectations with our B2B online ordering platform.

Easily Adopted B2B Online Ordering App

Deestr works just as you expect it, with a modern design and fast ordering. Your clients will spend more time running their business and less time restocking.


Realtime catalog and ordering with AI assistance.

AI ordering assistant

Predicts future orders and upsells products for customers.


Personalized prices, discounts and promoted products.


Downloaded by your customers from Apple App Store and Google Play Market.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows app to work in poor internet connection conditions.


Integrated with popular EPR systems and existing eCommerce platforms.

Full Feature List
  • Product catalog
  • AI predicted order that can be added to cart in one click
  • AI cross-selling and upselling opportunities (tailored product suggestions)
  • Timely notifications when to place an order
  • Personalized pricing, favorites
  • Discounts, promo prices, recommended products
  • Real time stock availability
  • Online ordering
  • Order history and order status tracking
  • Marketing push notifications
  • Customizable logo and color scheme
  • Chat with sales representative
Mobile B2B platform

Increase of average order size by 16%


28% fewer messages, calls and emails


Faster order processing

Clear view

Streamlined ordering and real-time order tracking


ERP systems

Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, SAP ERP, SAP Business One

eCommerce platforms

Shopify, Bigcommerce, ORO Commerce, WooCommerce

REST API and Direct DB Connection

MSSQL, MySQL, PostreSQL, Excel files, CSV

Frequently Asked Questions about our B2B online ordering system

Deestr is a B2B wholesale ordering app designed for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and their customers. It helps to simplify the ordering process for your customers and provide them with a better buying experience through mobile and web interfaces. It has a seamless, intuitive interface for placing, tracking, and managing orders.

Deestr is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. Your customers can download the B2B ordering platform from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Your customers download Deestr from their app store, fill in their credentials, such as email, password and create an account. They may need to provide some basic business information to complete their registration upon your request.

We provide comprehensive customer support for the B2B Mobile Ordering App. If you need any help or have any difficulties, you can email us or contact us through the special section of the app.

Yes, we offer customization options to align Deestr with your brand identity.

Yes, our B2B mobile Ordering App can integrate with a variety of ERP, CRM, and other business management systems. We will walk you through the integration process.

Yes, our app allows for personalized pricing. As a wholesaler or manufacturer, based on your business agreement with your customers, you can set specific pricing for them.