B2B Ecommerce Mobile App for B2C-like Customer Experiences

Meet evolving needs of B2B customers and grow your business. Achieve outstanding results with Deestr and its advanced features:

  • - simplified ordering and reordering
  • - cutting-edge catalog search
  • - real-time data
  • - personalized pricing and recommendations
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Simplify B2B Procurement with Our Online Ordering App

Address B2B Customers' Challenges with B2B Ecommerce System

Complex Pricing Structures

Challenge: B2B transactions frequently involve intricate pricing models based on such factors as volume, customer type, and negotiated agreements. Managing these diverse pricing structures manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Solution: Our B2B E-commerce Platform offers dynamic pricing capabilities with custom pricing tiers, volume discounts, and customer-specific rates. Deestr eliminates confusion and negotiation complexities giving each customer accurate pricing information.

Ecommerce Platform for B2B
B2B Commerce Software
Cumbersome Ordering Processes

Challenge: Traditional B2B transactions often involve lengthy and intricate ordering processes, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Buyers may find it challenging to navigate through huge catalogs with a variety of products. Selecting needed items and placing orders may take a lot of time.

Solution: The platform streamlines the entire ordering process. With advanced search features and the AI assistant, customers can easily search for needed products, access detailed product information, and place orders within a few clicks. As a result, speeded up ordering, reduced human errors, and a smoother customer experience.

B2B Ecommerce Software Solution Benefits for Suppliers

Challenge: Customers may struggle to access your offerings conveniently, especially if they work non-conventional hours or if your business operates across various geographic locations and time zones. This limitation can interfere with their ability to place orders promptly.

Solution: With 24/7 accessibility B2B customers can browse your products, place orders, and manage their accounts from anywhere and at any time. Our B2B ecommerce mobile app ensures that time zone differences and operational hours don't slow down transactions.

B2B Ecommerce Mobile App
B2B Ecommerce Platform
Lack of Real-time Information

Challenge: Buyers often require up-to-date information on inventory amount details, order statuses, and shipment tracking. The lack of this real-time data may lead to misinformed decisions.

Solution: Deestr offers real-time data visibility. Customers have access to accurate inventory data, may track the status of their orders, and monitor deliveries. This transparency brings your customers more effective planning and confidence in your services.

Inefficient Communication

Challenge: Orders coming in via traditional communication channels like email, messengers or hasty phone calls make interpretation difficult and leading to errors and delays in delivery. Customers might struggle to get quick responses to their inquiries. This lack of systematization often leads to wasted resources and confusion.

Solution: Deestr enables more effective interaction with customers through built-in messaging systems, and automated notifications about order updates. Comprehensive product content with detailed descriptions, precise specifications, and visually appealing images of the products guarantees that buyers select and order the right items.

B2B Ecommerce Software
B2B Ecommerce System
Limited Data about Previous Orders

Challenge: With traditional methods of placing orders B2B customers often lack information about their purchasing patterns and order history. Thus, planning and placing orders may take longer than it could.

Solution: With advanced analytics of the B2B ecommerce system customers get insights into their order history, purchasing behavior, and spending patterns. These empirical data help them to make strategic decisions and adjust their procurement strategies accordingly. Embrace the solution that not only enhances your operational efficiency but also provides B2B customers with B2C-like seamless experiences in their business-related purchases.

Overcome your challenges and drive growth with Deestr

Unlock the Advantages of Deestr - B2B Ecommerce Solution

Simplify your customers’ ordering process, streamline your operations, and drive your business to success with Deestr.

Full Feature List

  • Product catalog
  • AI predicted order that can be added to cart in one click
  • AI cross-selling and upselling opportunities (tailored product suggestions)
  • Timely notifications when to place an order
  • Personalized pricing, favorites
  • Discounts, promo prices, recommended products
  • Real time stock availability
  • Online ordering
  • Order history and order status tracking
  • Marketing push notifications
  • Customizable logo and color scheme
  • Chat with sales representative
Mobile B2B platform

How You and Your Customers Can Benefit from the B2B Ecommerce Platform

Deestr redefines the B2B landscape seamlessly catering to the needs of suppliers and their customers.

B2B Ecommerce Software Solution Benefits for Suppliers

Increased Operational Efficiency with B2B Ecommerce for Distributors
Craft pricing structures that align with your business goals. Set customer-specific rates, volume discounts, and promotional offers, catering to diverse client requirements while maximizing your revenue.

Tailored Pricing Strategies
Streamline your internal processes and reduce manual efforts. Automated order processing, inventory management, and payment procedures, allow your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Customer Relationships 
Strengthen customer loyalty through personalized experiences. Provide self-service tools, transparent order tracking, and responsive communication, fostering trust and lasting partnerships.

B2B Ecommerce Software
B2B Ecommerce System
Benefits For B2B Customers:

Effortless Order Placement with B2B Ecommerce Mobile App
Empower your customers with an intuitive platform for seamless order placement. Simplify their buying journey and enhance their satisfaction by providing a user-friendly interface.

Customized Experiences 
Elevate customer experiences with personalized pricing, recommendations, and promotions. Show your clients that you understand their unique needs and value their business.

Real-time Visibility
Offer your customers real-time access to inventory levels, order statuses, and shipment tracking. Empower them with the information they need to manage their procurement effectively.

Convenient Self-service
Enable your customers to self-serve with ease. Provide tools for quick reordering, access to order history, and the ability to update their account information autonomously.

Timely Communication
Enhance communication channels by offering direct messaging, automated notifications, and a comprehensive product content. Keep your customers informed and engaged throughout their journey.

The B2B ecommerce platform isn't just a technological solution; it's a strategic investment that fuels growth, fosters collaboration, and enhances the B2B experience for both you and your customers. As you embark on this transformative journey, you're not just embracing innovation—you're shaping the future of B2B commerce.

Automate operations, enhance customer experience and boost revenue with Deestr - B2B ecommerce for distributors. Let's talk.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our B2B online ordering system

Deestr is a B2B wholesale ordering app designed for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and their customers. It helps to simplify the ordering process for your customers and provide them with a better buying experience through mobile and web interfaces. It has a seamless, intuitive interface for placing, tracking, and managing orders.

Deestr is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. Your customers can download the B2B ordering platform from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Your customers download Deestr from their app store, fill in their credentials, such as email, password and create an account. They may need to provide some basic business information to complete their registration upon your request.

We provide comprehensive customer support for the B2B Mobile Ordering App. If you need any help or have any difficulties, you can email us or contact us through the special section of the app.

We offer two pricing plans based on the number of customers you serve. These are non-recurring subscription plans paid once a year. Once you subscribe you and your customers enjoy the benefits of the app until your yearly subscription expires. For more detailed information, please visit our pricing page.

Yes, we offer customization options to align Deestr with your brand identity.

Yes, our B2B mobile Ordering App can integrate with a variety of ERP, CRM, and other business management systems. We will walk you through the integration process.

Yes, our app allows for personalized pricing. As a wholesaler or manufacturer, based on your business agreement with your customers, you can set specific pricing for them.