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  • - Do you experience difficulties in receiving orders through multiple channels, getting up-to-date information about inventory levels, and providing an effortless ordering experience for your customers?
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Deestr Is Your Ultimate Distribution Companion

Key Features of the Ecommerce Platform for Distributors:


Product Catalog

Detailed descriptions, precise specifications, and visually appealing images in the catalog combined with advanced search functionality can simplify product search and selection process.


AI Predicted Order

With the power of artificial intelligence, the ecommerce platform for distributors can analyze customers’ order history, frequency, preferences, and other relevant data, and add predicted orders to the cart.


Quick Reordering

Simplify the ordering process by allowing distributors’s customers to quickly reorder frequently purchased items, saving time and effort.


Personalized Pricing

Tailored pricing based on customer agreements, volume, and loyalty enhances customer relationships and ensures accurate invoicing.


Real-time Stock Availability

Accurate and up-to-date inventory information empowers distributors to manage stock levels effectively, prevent stockouts, and provide customers with real-time information about product availability

Overcome your e-commerce challenges with the help of the distributor ordering app

Distributors' Most Common Challenges

1. Vast Variety Navigation and Product Selection Issue

B2B clients usually require very specific products with particular features, materials, or specifications that can be hard to locate in a broad catalog. It usually makes the ordering process tedious and time-consuming. The challenge is how to facilitate this process without overwhelming the user.

Key Pain Points: - Enormous Choices: Large product catalogs with thousands of options can be daunting.
- Specific Requirements: Industrial or specialized clients often look for products with very particular specifications.

- Advanced Search and Filters: Implement robust search functionality, with advanced filtering options to quickly narrow down product choices.
- Recommendation Engine: Machine learning algorithms suggest products based on previous order history and browsing behavior displaying a list of suggested products that the customers are most likely to be interested in.

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2. Complex Bulk Orders Challenge

Customers engaged in B2B purchases often require large quantities of diverse items. The complexity increases exponentially when multiple SKUs are involved, each with specific requirements related to quantity, configurations, or delivery timeframes.

Key Pain Points: - High Volume: The sheer number of items in a single order can be overwhelming for both the customer and the distributor.
- Varied Requirements: Each item in a bulk order can have different requirements. Some might be sensitive to temperature and require specialized shipping, while others might have variable lead times based on supplier availability.
- Error-Prone: In a manual ordering the complexities mentioned above significantly increase the risk of errors. These errors can lead to delays, increased costs, and dissatisfaction.

- AI-predicted Ordering: Provide an AI assistant that prefills repeat orders into the cart helping customers go through the complex ordering process within a few clicks.
- Order Validation: Include real-time validation mechanisms to minimize errors in orders, such as notifications when ordered quantities exceed current stock levels or alerts for incompatible configurations.

3. Customer-Specific Pricing Challenge

In a B2B setting, the price is rarely a fixed entity. Clients often have specially negotiated terms that include volume-based discounts, contractual pricing, seasonal promotions, or even loyalty incentives. The challenge lies in reflecting these personalized pricing structures accurately in an online system.

Key Pain Points: - Contractual Complexity: Clients may have unique pricing, tiered discounts, or seasonal offers in their contracts.
- Consistency: The online system must reflect the same terms that have been negotiated offline.

- Personalized Pricing: The distributor ordering app's dynamic pricing algorithms are able to automatically adjust prices according to each client's contract.
- Real-Time Updates: Build real-time update capabilities to reflect any newly negotiated terms or discounts instantly. This is crucial for maintaining a trusting relationship with clients.

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4. Real-Time Availability Challenge

B2B customers often depend on the timely availability of products to keep their operations running smoothly. Therefore, they require accurate, real-time information on inventory levels and lead times for shipping to make informed purchasing decisions and plan accordingly.

Key Pain Points: - Stock Availability: Backorders or stock-outs can significantly impact customers’ operations. Accurate information about current stock levels is crucial for them to plan their orders and production effectively.
- Unpredictable Lead Times: B2B customers have their own customers to serve and may be part of a complex supply chain. As a result, unexpected delays in product lead times can have far-reaching consequences, disrupting schedules and potentially leading to financial losses.

- Real-time Availability: The ecommerce platform for distributors should be tightly integrated with the supplier's Inventory Management System via APIs to reflect live stock levels for every SKU.
- AI-assisted cross-selling and upselling strategies: If a product is out of stock, the AI assistant immediately suggests alternative products that can serve the same purpose, based on specifications or past buying behavior.
- Estimated Delivery: Provide dynamically updated expected delivery times based on current stock levels and lead times.
- Order-tracking: Once an order is placed, provide real-time tracking information so that the customer can adjust their internal schedules if needed. And notify them upon delivery of the order for maximum transparency.

Eliminate your e-commerce challenges with Deestr

Full Feature List

  • Product catalog
  • AI predicted order that can be added to cart in one click
  • AI cross-selling and upselling opportunities (tailored product suggestions)
  • Timely notifications when to place an order
  • Personalized pricing, favorites
  • Discounts, promo prices, recommended products
  • Real time stock availability
  • Online ordering
  • Order history and order status tracking
  • Marketing push notifications
  • Customizable logo and color scheme
  • Chat with sales representative
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Frequently Asked Questions About Deestr

Deestr is a B2B wholesale ordering app designed for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and their customers. It helps to simplify the ordering process for your customers and provide them with a better buying experience through mobile and web interfaces. It has a seamless, intuitive interface for placing, tracking, and managing orders.

Deestr is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. Your customers can download the B2B ordering platform from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Your customers download Deestr from their app store, fill in their credentials, such as email, password and create an account. They may need to provide some basic business information to complete their registration upon your request.

We provide comprehensive customer support for the B2B Mobile Ordering App. If you need any help or have any difficulties, you can email us or contact us through the special section of the app.

Yes, we offer customization options to align Deestr with your brand identity.

Yes, our B2B mobile Ordering App can integrate with a variety of ERP, CRM, and other business management systems. We will walk you through the integration process.

Yes, our app allows for personalized pricing. As a wholesaler or manufacturer, based on your business agreement with your customers, you can set specific pricing for them.