Streamline Your Wholesale Operations with Deestr - Wholesale Ordering App

  • - Are you a wholesaler, selling in bulk and offering a wide range of products in your catalog?
  • - Do you face challenges when it comes to efficiently processing orders from your B2B customers?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you are at the right place. As an experienced wholesaler, you understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with your B2B customers, seamless ordering and order processing. However, manual processing of orders and handling diverse product offerings can be overwhelming at times.

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Wholesalers' Most Common Challenges

Every day wholesalers face challenges that have an impact on their business and customer satisfaction. Understanding and addressing these challenges is essential to stay ahead in the competitive wholesale market. These are the most common:

The Complexity of Order Placement: B2B ordering in bulk can be time-consuming and tedious through traditional methods. Lack of an online catalog, long phone calls, or emails to submit orders can slow down and complicate their ordering processes.

Time-Consuming Order Processing: Manual processing of those orders, juggling different product categories, pricing structures, and filling them into your ERP system takes a lot of time and effort and may also cause mistakes.

Slow Information Exchange Effective interaction is essential in the wholesale industry. Miscommunication and delayed responses caused by traditional methods like phone calls and emails can lead to errors and delayed orders.

Customized Pricing and Discounts Offering personalized pricing and discounts to different customers can be challenging without the right tools. Implementing manual pricing adjustments can lead to inaccuracies and potential pricing discrepancies.

Lack of Real-Time Availability It’s crucial for B2B customers to have real-time information to be able to make informed purchasing decisions. Without such visibility, they may face uncertainties about product availability.

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of wholesalers as well as their B2B customers. Implementing a cutting-edge B2B wholesale ordering app and ecommerce platform can streamline operations, improve communication, enhance transparency, and create a seamless ordering experience for everyone involved. With the right technology and strategies, you can overcome these challenges and bring your wholesale business to new heights.

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Deestr Helps to Overcome Challenges in Your Wholesale Business

Deestr offers a comprehensive solution to boost your online B2B sales:

1. Simplified Ordering: With the user-friendly wholesale ordering app, customers can easily browse catalogs and select required items or simply check the predicted orders in their cart, edit it if necessary and place their orders. There is no need in price list updates every time the prices change, no need to make calls or write emails for ordering or receiving confirmations. Placing orders and tracking their status using the apps for wholesalers and their customers has become as easy as it has never been before.

2. Efficient Processing The wholesale ordering system simplifies the entire order management making it easier for wholesalers to process, track, and fulfill orders. After the placement of orders by customers, wholesalers receive all the information on their ERP. You do not need to categorize different products, pricing structures, and fill them into your internal system manually. By automating these manual tasks and reducing paperwork, the app saves wholesalers’ time, eliminates errors, and helps allocate resources more effectively.

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3. Order Accuracy With features like product catalogs and the AI assistant for predicted orders, the app minimizes order errors, ensuring accurate fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Clear and concise product information and high-quality images help to make the right decision faster. The AI ordering assistant helps customers to find needed products and provides personalized product upsells and cross-sells.

4. Mobile Accessibility Orders can be conveniently placed and tracked on the go, with the app's mobile-friendly interface accessible from any smartphone. When your customers are overloaded with work and different other activities, a mobile app can be just the right thing to place an order while they are doing their job or on the go. A close-at-hand app lets your customers purchase what they need right away.

5. Improved Interaction The app facilitates seamless communication between wholesalers and customers, allowing for quick order updates, notifications, and timely responses to inquiries. Customers stay connected with you 24/7.

6. Personalized Approach The app provides wholesalers with the flexibility to offer personalized pricing, volume discounts, and promotional deals, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales. AI ordering assistant processes data from such channels as the frequency of purchases, history of previous orders, user context of what and how long they viewed, and customers’ overall interest in the category. AI leverages data around all these interactions and provides:

- pre-selected recommended orders that can be put into the cart with one click (and changed if needed);
- timely notifications when to place an order;
- personalized cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

By leveraging these innovative features, you position your business as a trusted partner that understands the evolving needs of your customers. You demonstrate your commitment to enhancing their buying experience and driving mutual growth.

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Streamline Operations and Boost Revenue with Deestr

Deestr - B2B Wholesale Platform

Product Catalog

Realtime catalog and ordering with AI assistance

Realtime Stock Availability

Deestr is integrated into your ERP system and gets all data about availability from it.


Personalized prices, discounts, and promoted products.

Order Status Tracking

No need for buyers to browse email inboxes for order confirmations. Buyers can browse their order history and recent order updates.

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Unlock the Advantages of Deestr - Wholesale Ecommerce Software

- Higher efficiency,
- Reduced costs,
- Seamless interaction for both: your customers and you. 

Simplify ordering for your customers, streamline your operations, gain consistent profit, and grow your business with Deestr

Full Feature List

  • Product catalog
  • AI predicted order that can be added to cart in one click
  • AI cross-selling and upselling opportunities (tailored product suggestions)
  • Timely notifications when to place an order
  • Personalized pricing, favorites
  • Discounts, promo prices, recommended products
  • Real time stock availability
  • Online ordering
  • Order history and order status tracking
  • Marketing push notifications
  • Customizable logo and color scheme
  • Chat with sales representative
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Frequently Asked Questions About Deestr

Deestr is a B2B wholesale ordering app designed for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and their customers. It helps to simplify the ordering process for your customers and provide them with a better buying experience through mobile and web interfaces. It has a seamless, intuitive interface for placing, tracking, and managing orders.

Deestr is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. Your customers can download the B2B ordering platform from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Your customers download Deestr from their app store, fill in their credentials, such as email, password and create an account. They may need to provide some basic business information to complete their registration upon your request.

We provide comprehensive customer support for the B2B Mobile Ordering App. If you need any help or have any difficulties, you can email us or contact us through the special section of the app.

Yes, we offer customization options to align Deestr with your brand identity.

Yes, our B2B mobile Ordering App can integrate with a variety of ERP, CRM, and other business management systems. We will walk you through the integration process.

Yes, our app allows for personalized pricing. As a wholesaler or manufacturer, based on your business agreement with your customers, you can set specific pricing for them.